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Oh What A Night!!!!!!!!!!

So I had a busy couple of last days and meant to write about my wild night on my birthday night!!! First we took a trip to the adult Superstore!!!! To get some new toys that I have been wanting for awhile!!! We got a nice G-spot toy, a paddle, an Anal T, and a Strap-on....A Very nice one by the way a Doc Johnson Vaccu Lock system.. We made a stop at the beer store and the liquor store. My man, my gal, and I got pretty well liquored up playing the Beer game. We watched some porn and got pretty hot, when I was then lead up the the playroom hehehe the bedroom. We agreed that they would touch me and I would touch them, but they wouldn't touch each other. This has been a fantasy of mine, but I was always afraid of it getting weird. I always thought about it and how I could do if it were pitch black and they couldn't see or feel one another and I could touch them and have them touch me. My fantasy is finally here how can I turn it away?? They undressed and then they undressed me...I got on the bed, and She got on my left and he got on my right.. I started kissing her and she was running her hands across my body and petting my pussy, while he was spanking me and playing with my ass...I rubbed her clit for awhile then decided to break out the new strap-on...I put it on and teased her clit at first then slipped the cock into her hot wet pussy..As I am busy pleasing her I am being teased from behind....he is fingering at my ass and then he starts taking me from behind.....The movement is so soft, so hot, and so fluent like a smooth runnning engine!!! All of us feeling every motion our bodies intertwined in heated passion grinding in and out, hotter and harder till we all seem to cum in heated pleasure all at once!!!! What a crazy but wonderful evening!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!! HEEEE!!HEEEE!!HEEEEE!! MMMMMMMM!!!!!! Dripping Wet Fun!!!!!!!!!!
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