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Name: Ray Age: 46 Birthday: 27 December 1958 Sex: Male
Relationship Status: Happily Divorced - Again! Location: El Paso, TX

Celebrity I'd like to sleep with: Amanda Plummer from "Pulp Fiction" Love that tight little body and her almost shy presence.

Craziest place I've ever had sex: A beach on the west shore of the island of Oahu, Hawaii, the day after Christmas, about 1am. My late wife and I decided to take a midnight swim, just because we could. The swim turned into a skinnydip, which led to us having sex in the water about twenty feet from the shore. While we were having our fun, a few people walked past our swimsuits, which were laying at the water's edge. Don't know if they saw us, though one person called out to ask if we were okay. My wife started her period that day, but I didn't know. Turns out mentrual blood attracts sea snakes faster than it attracts sharks. Guess someone was looking out for us, because there is a reef less than a hundred yards from where we were.

I've been told I look like the keyboard player in the R&B group Kool and the Gang. Well, if they say so.

I found this community using Live Journal's search engine. Hey, I love most anything which has to do with the pleasures of sex and I'd like to share some of my experiences. More fun if you can tell the stories. And I make no apologies.

I'll dig up a photo in a day or so.
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