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Now I lay me down to sleep.... Between my legs I feel the heat!!! I usually reach for a toy to help me out, but today I am feeling really hot!!! I love the feeling of being all curled up in my bed feeling the satin sheets against my naked skin, and sleeping in the BUFF is the only way to go...I reach beneath the sheets and slide my fingers into the wetness between my lips to find my clit swollen and full of heat!!!! I begin circling it and rubbing in a downward motion...sliding my fingers in and out, over and over..I can feel the heat inside of me building and coming out....I roll onto my stomach reaching down, I grind my clit against my hand.....Harder and harder I thrust till I can barely hold it in!!!!!! My legs tensing and trembling, my pussy begins to convulse in orgasm over and over my body tenses and releases the inner energy through my wet pussy...There is no better way to drift of to dreamland in my book....the best sleep always follows your body goes limp and becomes one with the bed...Curled into my blankets I drift away...Goodnite world!!!!
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