Jessica (jessicacrash) wrote in 1nudeshow,

Name: Jessica.
Age: 19.
Birthday: January 3.
Sex: Female.
Relationship status: Somewhat single.


Who is one celebrity you wish to sleep with? Oh, fuck. Jude Law?
Craziest place you have ever had sex? In your back yard.
Who do people say you look like? People keep saying Ashlee Simpson. Which scares me.
How did you find this community? Through another one.
If you can, would you post at least 1 photo of yourself with this application?

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I bet you're not a fan of Ashlee Simpson then. :)

Lovely photo, indeed. You're a pretty girl, bodywise at least. ;)
I read your journal entry. My partner and I were wondering what type of relationship you are looking for? We are a disabled, bisexual, nudist,interracial, childless couple. We are looking for a real time relationship, a live-in third, who would be into poly lifestyle and creating a poly family. We are not swingers and we are not looking for a live-in maid or playmate. But a real friend,lover and companion for us both. If you wouldlike to get to know us better, write us, our e-mail is on our profile. Thanks for your time.
definitely do NOT look like ashlee simpson.

Hell No.